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MVSuccessful professionals know you have to stay sharp. Moti-Vitality is pleased to introduce MV MEMBERSHIP to monthly updated material including performance tools, creative sales methods, articles, and webinars. Together, these will be available to assist in exceeding your productivity benchmarks and goals. When you become an MV Member, you'll also receive substantial discounts on seminars and other materials.

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Beliefs & Values

We believe in being more than just motivated. We believe in being vitally motivated. This requires assessment, identifying and initiating change, and developing long-term habits that are life altering. Moti‐Vitality was created out of passion for the water treatment industry. We are committed to helping professionals in our industry design and implement action plans in order to have the most significant impact on their companies, communities and the environment.

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Our Programs will vitally motivate you. Check out Upcoming Seminars to find one near you. Our Consulting Services leverage deep experience in the water treatment industry to help owners hire, train, motivate, coach and create outstanding sales leaders. We use a hands-on training approach that includes WQA certification and processes that will increase sales and deepen your talent pool. Read our Testimonials
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We want to thank you for visiting our website. It is our hope that you will find the many resources within these pages helpful in finding the vital motivation needed to increase your sales, become better organized and grow your business.

– Kelly Thompson, Founder

The book every sales professional, manager and owner of a water treatment company should read. Written by the owner of Moti‐Vitality, Kelly Thompson."Valuable and entertaining." Read more...
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