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Operations Services
Many owners or managers simply do not have the time to properly interview, hire and train sales managers or sales professionals. Many business owners trust that the people that they hired are trained in the area of self management and sales techniques only later to find that they are not as strong in sales as they said on paper. Moti-Vitality helps to evaluate your organization’s sales needs. We provide suggestions for improvement, and (based on agreed upon parameters) we will interview, hire & train the professionals that your company needs in order to stand out in the industry, We do not manage from behind a desk nor will we train this way. We will give hands-on training which will include WQA certification, premiere sales training and access to all of the processes that Moti-Vitality has perfected. With the use of technology and people skills, we help to create team members that will quickly become leaders within your organization.

Hiring Sales & Management Personnel
Moti‐Vitality will run ads, sort resumes, and conduct complete in‐depth interviews utilizing proven hiring processes that guarantees to find team members whose performance and work ethic will far exceed your highest expectations. Moti‐Vitality specializes in training new sales professionals within the confines of your organization. They develop long term team members that excel in sales and service, raising the bar for all of your existing employees and those yet to be hired.

Training Existing Sales Team
Moti‐Vitality will work with business owners and management teams to develop strategies and establish goals to measure growth. They will evaluate the strengths of your current team and work with them to help leverage those strengths. Your team will learn through hands on experience how to close sales, increase system percentages and create their own business.

Sales Growth Plan Development
Moti‐Vitality will evaluate your organization and assist in setting realistic sales goals for growth. They will create benchmarks to measure success and aid in creating accountability and focus ensuring successful implementation strategies.

Accountability Programs
Moti‐Vitality will assist owners and their management teams in creating realistic accountability programs to help manage your sales teams. We are aware that even top sales people need guidance, clear goals and the necessary resources to implement processes. Moti‐Vitality can help develop a program that provides that guidance freeing up the time and focus of owners and management to concentrate on the business itself.

Initial Analysis
Each customized consultation program includes an initial on‐site interview and analysis process that will provide tremendous value for owners and management teams. Moti‐Vitality offers 2‐3 days at your organization speaking with the business owners, their management teams and employees to create a customized plan ensuring productive results.

For more information on how we can assist you Create Creators please contact us.

Moti-Vitality, LLC is fully insured with General Liability, Worker’s Compensation, Professional Liability Plans.

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