LIVE MEP Basics Guided Webinar Course

//LIVE MEP Basics Guided Webinar Course
LIVE MEP Basics Guided Webinar Course 2017-05-18T12:09:13+00:00

Live Webinars will begin May 4, 2017 but you can watch the pre-recorded class now.

One of the biggest challenges with completing the MEP is finding the time to sit down and complete it.  Moti-Vitality’s Guided course is designed to:

  • Help hold students accountable
  • Help find the answers in the WQA Knowledge Base
  • Help students become familiar with the MEP process
  • Help with computer or technical questions regarding the MEP
  • Provide a group learning environment
  • Much more

The MEP was designed to allow students to complete it on their own time and even with this course, each student will need to complete their own work with their own WQA login information.  But we will find the answers together.

Moti-Vitality has helped hundreds of water treatment professionals get their certification.  Now let us help guide you as well.

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Some Important Stuff

You will still need to register with WQA to complete your certification path which is an additional cost.  You will also want watch the MEP tutorial WQA offers before our first class begins.

Learn More About the MEP

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