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As you may have heard…

…the requirements for WQA Certification have dramatically changed.  Moti-Vitality strongly believes that these changes will help our industry in a multitude of critical ways.  However, we recognize that the new WQA Modular Education Program (MEP) takes some getting used to.

It is important to note that Moti-Vitality is not part of WQA and we do not work for WQA.  However, we do strongly support the organization and the certification program.  We believe that the improvements in the WQA certification program will raise the education and integrity of our industry.

It is our goal to assist you and your team in pursuing your certification in the most professional and practical way.

In the past we offered a 15 week webinar course designed to take the academics in the certification study materials and make them easy to understand.  We are honored to have assisted hundreds of industry members with their successful certification efforts.  The prerecorded webinars are still available as are the hundreds of sample quiz questions we have written to help prepare students for the CWS Exam.  But now we are also offering our services as a professional mentor for the new modular education program.

Useful Information

Why Use Us as Your Mentor?

The MEP is designed to work best with a member of your staff as a mentor.  But, for the times there is no one available or when members of your team simply do not have the time, Moti-Vitality can help.  We will provide weekly homework assignments and all of the resources and tools necessary for a successful & completed learning experience.  Plus, as a mentor, we will not simply “rubber stamp” the completed learning activities.  Rather we will guide the student through the activities with tips and feedback resulting in a successful completion of the MEP and superb preparation for the WQA Certification exam.

Sign Up For Moti-Vitality’s Mentoring Program

Click Here to Learn About Our CWS Advanced Courses

You Must Register for WQA’s MEP Program before Signing Up for Moti-Vitality’s Mentoring Program.

Download & Complete the Registration Form and Return it to WQA to Register

Which Module Can We Help You With?

  • MEP Basics Course
    • Must be completed before any other course is taken
  • MEP Fundamentals Course
    • Must complete the Basics Course first
  • MEP Design Course
    • Must complete the Basics & Fundamentals Course first
    • CWS Path
  • MEP Certified Water Representative (Coming Soon)
    • Must complete the Basics & Fundamentals Course first
    • CWR Path
  • MEP Certified Installer (Coming Soon)
    • Must complete the Basics & Fundamentals Course first
    • CI Path
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