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Management Essentials

Pre-Recorded Series ~ 
Watch at your leisure wherever, whenever, however you like !

This course is designed for:

  • The owner or manager who is fed up with being walked all over
  • The Owner or manager who is tired of hiring people who over promise and under deliver
  • The long-term loyal employee that has very little management experience but now has the responsibility
  • The veteran manager or owner who simply wants a fresh perspective and new ideas

This 4 week webinar course will cover the following topics:

Week 1—Interview & Hiring

In this segment, Kelly Thompson will discuss where to find the best qualified employees.  We will talk about how to write an effective ad and will demonstrate step by step what to do in a complete interview process.  We will also discuss benefits and pay structures of differing types.

Week 2—Training

We will discuss in this segment what types of training to do and what to do first.  Kelly Thompson will suggest different programs that will give different bench marks for success.

 Week 3—Accountability & Incentives

 Kelly Thompson will provide several well established tools for holding a sales and service team accountable.  We will offer programs with varying levels of tracking that attendees will be able to choose from to implement into their own existing programs.  We will provide forms that have been developed and acquired from Kelly’s own experience as well as ideas that have been acquired from working with water treatment dealers across the country.  Kelly will explain what each is used for and how to appropriately complete them.  We will also discuss disciplinary and motivational programs.

 Week 4—Creating a Creating Sales Force

Combining all of the previous topics discussed, we will give proven techniques for creating a sales team that will produce at least half of its own business and will offer suggestions on ways to develop a team so that every employee including service and administration feels that they are part of a creating and growing force.

The course will be split up into 4 classes

Additional benefits:
Moti-Vitality Linked In Group exclusive to attendees
Personal Assistance as needed
Unlimited access to all forms and programs discussed
Access to recorded classes for review

Cost for these classes is minimal!
Moti-Vitality members pay $25 per class (a total of $100)
Non- Moti-Vitality members** pay $45 per class ( a total of $180)

**Non- Moti-Vitality members!  You can advantage of the member pricing by becoming a Quarterly Member of Moti-Vitality! Only $39.95!

The Fine Print
All Moti-Vitality registration fees must be paid prior to the start of the course
Attendees are responsible for providing their own lunches.

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