Flowing to Success ~ The Webinar Series

///Flowing to Success ~ The Webinar Series
Flowing to Success ~ The Webinar Series 2015-09-03T15:25:53+00:00

Please join us for this 4 week webinar series EXCLUSIVE (and FREE!) for Moti-Vitality Members!
New Series Starting Soon… Contact us for upcoming dates!

“Flowing to Success ~ An Excellent Book With A Cheesy Title for the Water Treatment Sales Professional”  is the only sales book SPECIFIC for the Water Industry.  It was written by Kelly Thompson, CWS VI, CI after 15 years experience in the water industry.

“Flowing to Success” had been described as “The book every sales rep, manager and owner of water treatment companies should read.”
One reader stated “This book changed the way I do business. It gave me new ideas and a new perspective on how to sell more, stay organized and be vitally motivated in the water sales industry.”

How to Register:

Moti-Vitality Members:
Contact Jen Smith via e-mail at jennifers@moti-vitality.com

Non Moti-Vitality Members:
Click Here to get more information on Moti-Vitality Membership options.
Once you have registered as a Moti-Vitality Member contact Jen Smith at jennifers@moti-vitality.com

To read excerpts of “Flowing to Success” or to purchase the book Click Here

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