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Water Softener Demonstration Kits

Spectrum’s softener demo kit contains all the necessary tools required to close a softener sale in a solid, professional case. The softener demo kit comes in a durable and handsome alumi-steel briefcase equipped with a mini-softener and various tests. Tests include: Iron, pH, Hardness, Chlorine, Nitrates, Precipitation and TDS.

Professional Demonstration Case X
Die Cut Foam Insert X
Mini-Softener w/ Pump Kit X
Hardness Test X
Soap Test X
Precipitation Test X
pH Test X
Iron Test X
Nitrate Test X
Chlorine Test X
TDS Meter X
Conductivity Light X

This softener demo kit includes a Mini Pump Kit for a flawless demonstration without wrestling with fancy faucets.
Free Shipping is included for the 1st 3 kits ordered ~ additional kits may require additional shipping charges.

Number of Kits

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