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Company Profile
Company Profile
Moti-Vitality, LLC was founded in January 2008. Our name, Moti-Vitality, originated from the concept of what we call ”Vital Motivation” We believe in being more than just motivated. We believe in being vitally motivated. This requires assessment, identifying and initiating change, and developing long-term habits that are life altering. Moti‐Vitality was created out of passion for the water treatment industry. We are committed to helping professionals in our industry design and implement action plans in order to have the most significant impact on their companies, communities and the environment

Our goal is to excite water treatment professionals about the industry and to grow our industry with integrity. We utilize “proven” modern methods of lead development including management by example (versus dictatorship) and accountability to refocus organizations on the path of success.

Moti-Vitality believes that the water treatment industry is among the most important global industries. We believe that education is a critical part of raising the integrity and reputation of this industry.

Moti-Vitality believes that simply telling a group what to do is not enough. We provide step-by-step proven methods of how to achieve the results desired. Moti-Vitality’s presentations and consultations will provide valuable education, and prove entertaining as well. Best of all, the benefit to business owners for the initial investment is a well trained sales staff that can and WILL achieve sales goals!

Moti-Vitality believes that service is not about what happens when something goes wrong (although that is important), but rather what happens when everything is right. We offer a superior level of service and quality through our client-centric approach, scalable solutions, and unique business philosophy. We will never ask a client to do something we are not willing to do or have not done ourselves.

Moti-Vitality’s management staff all has significant work history providing organizations large and small with high-quality sales, management & educational services. Whether it’s creating training or documentation of a product, process, system, or service, Moti-Vitality has a strong history of successful delivery.

Kelly Thompson MWS, CI
Kelly Thompson MWS, CIPresident & Founder
Kelly Thompson has over 30 years of sales experience with almost half of that in the water treatment industry. He is the author of Flowing to Success, A Cheesy Title of an Excellent Book for the Water Treatment Sales Professional which has sold in countries throughout the world. Kelly proudly serves on the comittee to redesign and improve the WQA Certification Program. He works closely with WQA to bring the highest standards of education and integrity to the water treatment industry.

Prior to founding Moti-Vitality, Kelly held the position of regional sales manager for Clear Water Systems Kinetico where he developed and managed a team of professionals who created over 50% of their own leads month after month even in a struggling economy.

Kelly did this by teaching the tools he learned as an outside sales representative where he produced over 90% of his own business year after year. Kelly’s strengths lay in time efficiency, organization, and in generating referrals. His hands-on methods of teaching a sales team, his easy to understand and replicable techniques, and the experience gained by working with one of the largest water treatment dealers has helped create an expertise that is easily shared. Now through Moti-Vitality, Kelly Thompson is offering this expertise to water treatment dealers across the country.

Kelly’s experience as a teacher, motivational speaker, stand-up comic, outside sales representative, and manager has enabled him to create systems that are not only informative but easy to learn through his down to earth, fun styles.

Jennifer Smith CWS
Jennifer Smith CWSVice President
Jennifer began her career in the water treatment industry over 10 years ago as a straight commissioned sales professional where she created over 75% of her own business. She has been an instrumental member of the Moti-Vitality team since 2010 and has actively trained hundreds of sales professionals across the country. Her perspective as a female in a male dominated industry gives her a unique understanding of the sales process as well as the interaction between many sales and administrative teams. She has performed her “What Women Want” presentation to standing room only crowds and has received rave reviews both as a trainer and as a water treatment industry professional. She often contributes to industry literature and conducts numerous Moti-Vitality training sessions.
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